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Work with your subconscious in your healing transformation*

conscious mind and subconscious mind make your mind your partner in healing

*Get to the root of your issues

*Inside-out healing 

*Outside-in coaching


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Release lower back pain

body code healing release lower back pain for good! 
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It's not because you're getting old, and it doesn't have to be tolerated. Lower back pain has some common yet treatable underlying causes, release those causes, release your pain!

Fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia treatment end chronic pain forever!

It takes time to restore all of the connections and restore the magnetic field in a body that has collapsed to the degree of what is found in those diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but it's possible with a combination of energy healing techniques.

Heartwall Clearing

Heartwall Heart-wall Heart wall removal emotional emotions release

Complete clearing of a heartwall using the emotion code or emotional clearing method is really the first step to energy healing and yields amazing results in the areas of love, inspiration, abundance, success, and relief from depression and moodiness.

End chronic fatigue

End chronic fatigue forever!

Chronic fatigue is latin for "I don't understand why, but I believe you when you claim you're always tired." See results through treating your mind, heart, and body holistically, using the body code and a combination of energy healing techniques.

Create more love and romance

Create more love and abundance, remove your emotional baggage and all that is holding you back

Clear out baggage and mental blocks of disharmony. This package is to treat one person using the body code, and applies to those in a relationship or desiring one.

Abundance Breakthrough

Abundance breakthough program free consultations

6 or 12 weeks of wellness life coaching and healing body code treatments to break through old patterns and release the power to manifest all that God has intended for your life.

Resolve infertility

Resolve infertility issues now, have a baby in nine months!

Resolving infertility issues is a breeze with body code and emotion code sessions, sometimes with both the mother- and father-to-be.

Relieve anxiety and depression

End anxiety and depression today!

Relief from anxiety and depression is possible without drugs or years in talk therapy. Typically, healing takes 4-5 sessions, and may require emotion code and heartwall work.

Release excess weight for good

Release excess weight and emotional baggage for good! True weight loss solution subconscious

What if, instead of forcing your own will on your body every day, you could work with your subconscious mind to find the exact path to success? Now that's true teamwork... that's true weight loss success!

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