Healing Coach and Metaphysician Danielle Preston, PhD

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Danielle Preston is a certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, utilizing a variety of metaphysical healing modalities to treat the holistic person. She takes on the most difficult cases and brings breakthroughs in healing where others have failed or had minimal success. 

Danielle specializes in connecting with the subconscious mind to facilitate change along with release and transmutation of negative energies, and she enjoys interesting challenges, especially helping people break through difficult life stages and navigating life transitions. 

For the most difficult and compounded issues, Danielle will provide psychic surgery in extended and intensive sessions using intuition and remote viewing along with other metaphysical healing techniques. 

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I have had 3 sessions with Danielle. I was fairly new to energy healing when I started with her and she was very patient and thorough with all of my questions. The healing that has taken place has been priceless. I have experienced amazing inner healing. I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years and the 3 session really brought down my pain level which western medicine modalities were not able to do. I am very grateful to have met Danielle and I would highly recommend her energy work. ~Kristine F.

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The Healing Metaphysician

When we incorporate authoritative guidance for the subconscious and energy manipulation into your healing regimen, you will frequently see sudden, positive transformation in your life. Dr. Preston intuitively uses a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual methods to encourage healing from the cellular to the spirit levels; thereby shifting the soul's ability to grow and move forward in the healthiest manner possible.

Spiritual Counseling

Before we can be truly set free, we must have eyes to see what's at the root of our problems.  God has built both spiritual and physical laws into His creation. Both physical and spiritual laws apply to our lives whether we are aware of them or not, and love is the essential ingredient that fulfills all of these laws. By realigning ourselves with the tools of love – forgiveness, mercy, appreciation and grace – and applying them to our root issues, those uprooted issues lose their power over us. 

Next Level Coaching

Using integrative wellness life coaching techniques, Dr. Preston uniquely combines life planning and coaching fundamentals, a holistic physical-mental-emotional-spiritual life model, inside-out to outside-in coaching, diverse healing modalities, energy and spirituality basics, and prayer support in each session, according to the unique individual needs of the client. This is next level life coaching! 

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Emotion Code Healer

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson after more than 20 years as a holistic healer and teacher, Emotion Code Healing techniques help you alleviate physical pain, heal emotional wounds, restore love to relationships, and break through the blocks that are sabotaging your subconscious so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Body Code Healer

Eliminate pain, sickness, and other physical manifestations of multi-dimensional illnesses such as difficulties in finances, relationships, or infertility with the most comprehensive and integrative energy healing system on the planet.

Remote Viewing for Healing

As an experienced intuitive healer and skilled remote viewer, Dr. Preston is able to see what is going on inside the body in a non-invasive way to determine the details and treat intensive medical needs such as healing for PTSD and other mental or physical disorders without the need for drugs and/or surgery.