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Already exhausted?

Lacking motivation?



Can't put your finger on what's been holding you back?

Goal-Enhanced Transformation with Lifestyle Integration Techniques or GET LIT is a 12-month personal transformation program designed to guarantee you reach your goals by bringing your mind, heart, body and soul in alignment with your true desires. We'll get to the root of what is creating resistance, and break down the barriers that have kept you from the success you deserve.

Goal-Enhanced Transformation (GET) Coaching

Your Best Body

Balance your body and increase health

Your Best Work

Improve performance and control your own destiny

Your Best Life

Break through limitations

and self-sabotage 

What Will We (Un)Cover?

Your Plan

~Awareness of wholeness 

~Alignment of goals and values

~Assessment of issues and priorities

~Assignment of next steps

Taking Action

~Adjust for better balance

~Align your subconscious self with your conscious self

~Affirm the outcomes

~Achieve your goals

Refine and Repeat

~Journal and reflection questions

with Lifestyle Integration Techniques (LIT)


Align your thoughts

Emotional Clearing

Align your heart

Spiritual Healing

Tap into your potential

What's Included?

Monthly Training Sessions

Each of the twelve months in the program, you will be emailed a training video with additional training materials and downloads to help you understand, plan, and take actions that will yield real results.

Exercises and Assignments

Along with the educational videos, you will receive exercises and assignments that will empower you to take back control of your thoughts, effectively manage your emotions, and strengthen your spirit, while guiding you through the physical steps and balance needed to keep you on the right path.

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching and Healing- In additional to ongoing assignment support, you will meet with your personal healing and wellness coach for a minimum of 1 hour each month, for accountability, assistance, therapeutic healing, and of course, encouragement toward reaching your goals.


How long are the training sessions?

The monthly training video  and additional materials provided usually require approximately 1 hour to view, read and understand.

How much homework is there?

GET LIT is not for slackers and hackers. This is a twelve-month intensive program, designed to guarantee real results. Regardless of your goal*, plan to spend 8-10 hours of focused time each week to complete:

- 12 Monthly training videos and materials

- 50 Weekly assignments with daily/weekly exercises

- 12 monthly coaching/healing sessions (Basic) or 50 weekly coaching/healing sessions (Elite)

- 3 goal oriented projects  

*Every minute spent on these activities will contribute directly to your success and reaching your individualized goal.

What are the coaching sessions about?

Your one-on-one coaching session time will be focused on healing your body, heart, mind, and soul of any individual imbalances or misalignments that need adjustment in order for you to effectively achieve your goal.

How many goals can I work on?

Maximum efficiency requires maximized intention and focus on one very specific goal. Month 1 assignments will help you to identify and specify your goal for best results.