Healing with Magnets


Magnets magnets magnets, and more than magnets! If you are buying a magnet or grounding mat, make it a Nikken.

Healing with Essential Oils

Eternal Essence Healing Essential Oils

Healing essential oils by Eternal Essence Oils offers very affordable Fragrance Oils designed to be suitable for addition to soaps, candles, and both skin & hair care products. Our scents are rich, complex, and long lasting.

Healing with Nutrition


Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can differ slightly from person to person, depending on your 8-week goal in the areas of:

Weight Management

Cognitive Performance

Digestive & Immune

Healthy Joint Function

Lean Muscle


Age-Defying & Antioxidant

Healing with Hemp


CTFO offers a variety of organic Hemp CBD oil and other products that are appropriate for everyone including beginners, children, and seniors for promoting relaxation and overall health while combating a variety of symptoms. These products are U.S.-grown, lab tested, cruelty free, and GMP certified. CBD has been known to support healthy blood sugar levels, energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support immunity, fight cancer cells and support the regeneration of healthy cells.

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